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If you want a great way to improve your mental health and to increase your strength and flexibility, then you should definitely take the time to learn yoga. This is something that will definitely improve your overall health. You can loose weight too and learn to see the the world with a different perspective, in a more positve way. An essential piece of any yoga routine is music. If you listen to music while doing yoga poses and breathing exercises, you can only enhance your yoga experience. Mus

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‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Kupono Aweau and Randi Evans, just as cheery offstage

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After being eliminated from “So You Think You Can Dance,” the very friendly Kupono Aweau and Randi Evans sat down to a conference call with journalists to discuss their time on the show and beyond. Randi Evans about hearing she was in the bottom two: It wasn’t that big of a surprise because I kind of had a feeling that I would be there, just because the other numbers the previous night had been so great. Everyone’s so amazing and so, really, someone had to go, and I felt like I had a really

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Fergie Uses Her Story Of Addiction And Recovery To Inspire Others

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Fergie , a.k.a. Stacy Ferguson, offers more than just moral support to recovering drug addicts- she offers her own experience of addiction and recovery . Fergies story of crystal-meth addiction comes out in the August issue of Marie Claire , told by the musician herself during a meeting of women with AIDS and HIV at a Harlem community center. In the Marie Claire recap, Fergie sits in on a support group meeting and ends up sharing her own storywith the women in the room. Her cr

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Methamphetamine: The Facts

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Its cheap. Its easy to get. And it comes in many different flavors and forms. It kills. Its methamphetamine, and it may be in your neighborhood. Since the 60s, methamphetamine has devastated thousands of towns across America, the number of users increasing each year. And in recent years, its hit its climax. Is there any way to stop the devastation, families ask. The answer is yes. Methamphetamine, also known as speed, crystal, meth, crank, go,

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