Is Oxycontin Abuse better than Heroin Addiction?

I have got a question which may perhaps help me remedy a severe predicament of mine. The question: is oxycontin misuse better as compared with heroin addiction? The problem: I have got an oxycontin abuse condition and I feel awful about it. You see, I have this really awful back problem. All my muscles will randomly tense up and not make it easy for me to move. I can wind up immobile then in agnony while I merely lay wherever I am, it’s really terrible. The doctor’s suppose I have some sort of odd muscle response problem which I can not even spell. They made the decision that I needed actual physical therapy which would help me work out this particular disorder and be able to go on. However, I will need a method in order to deal with this pain in the mean time. So, he prescriped me those oxyconton pills. I truly suppose to be sure to take one every morning to keep all the discomfort at bay, but the product does a lot more than take any pain away. It can make me come to feel so wonderful, almost like I’m floating.

When I at first experienced it, I was in fact amazed. I made a decision to carry more than 1 pill one time and came to the realization that this the oxycontin brought me this significant high. So, I started abusing the actual oxycontin prescription. I commenced swallowing numerous tablets a day to undergo the high and consequently that is what I am still doing today. I know, you are perhaps pondering just how I refill on the tablets considering that I most likely run out of these more than I ought to be given that I’m abusing the portion of pills. Well, I have determined a way to forge my doctor’s prescription and also this particular pharmacy hasn’t recently been carrying out a good job of monitoring me. I guess they undoubtedly rely on my medical doctor to realize exactly what he is doing as well as how much he is providing me.

Anyway,Anyway, I realize that Oxycontin is actually a medicine from the opiate family. I learned that a large amount of individuals who aren’t able to get their hands upon Oxycontin because some people just can’t acquire a new doctor’s prescription or since these people just can’t find the money for a new one who have already been making use of that up until recently switch to heroin as the perfect replacement. Heroin is truly the most detrimental illegal substance in the world, yet it comes easily and low-priced on the street. So, there are a large amount of everyday people with Oxycontin problems, just like me, who turn to heroin for a lot of the specific effects which oxycontin produces. I’m worried regarding this happening to myself and now i’m curious about if my usage of this specific abuse problem makes me as weak as a heroin addict as they are related. Is oxycontin misuse more favorable than heroin addiction?

I know what I essentially need to accomplish is go to rehabilitation for opiate addiction in general. It’s obvious that I currently have a challenge which might end up being something more. I do not understand what level this difficulty could be at, if this might be regarded as bad as the substance addicts that live on the street exchanging drugs, but I recognize i actually have got a problem that I am not going to be actually able to get over without having a professional help.

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