Children with Addicted Parents

Being a parent generally is life’s strongest challenges. Being the child of one or more caregivers with substance addiction rates right up there when it comes to challenging life troubles also. The words and activity from the dependent parent(s) throughout the child’s formative years can truly affect the child in their life.

Offspring of dependent adults can become addicts too, using easy accessibility to habit forming chemicals in their home and looking at the substance addiction as “normal” as well as “acceptable” in the home environment.

The children of hooked parents could have a problem with depressive disorders, abuse along with suicidal thoughts and habits. This is credited partly that the young people feel those things their parents or guardians do as well as express are generally their fault. Seeing a parent’s existence get out of hand due to abusing drugs, it is easy for a child to imagine that the parent’s substance addiction plus the consequences from it are the child’s fault.

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