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Fremont woman sentenced on meth charges

More info…A Dodge County woman who faced revoked probation after serving only 18 days of a three-year term was sentenced to prison on Monday. meth rehab center

Ice story highlights scourge

More info…A MOTHERS grief at losing a child is heartbreaking under any circumstance. When that loss is to a drug that leaves the child alive but changed into a completely different person who behaves inexplicably and squanders their potential, it is especially heartbreaking. meth rehab

Suncoast Rehab Center (SRC) Graduate Proves Program a Success

More info… When other rehab programs failed and even a television show could not save her, one client turned to Suncoast Rehab Center (SRC) for helpand got the solution she was looking for: her life the way it used to be. (PRWeb December 17, 2012)… Continue reading

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Trois-Rivires Announces New Program to Halt Methamphetamine Addiction in Adults and Adolescents

More info… Individuals seeking relief from drug and alcohol addiction can now receive no-cost consultations. Call 819-809-1650 for an appointment at Drug Addiction Treatment Centers. (PRWeb January 19, 2014) Read the full story at drug rehab

Four New Dangerous Drug Trends and How to Recognize the Signs: A Guide for Parents and Counselors

More info… Cornerstone Recovery Center, an Addiction Treatment Center, Aims to Make Counselors and Parents Aware of New Drug Threats (PRWeb February 06, 2014) Read the full story at meth treatment center

Community leaders look to Geelongs fightback approach to ice addiction

More info…A HOLISTIC approach and community campaign is needed to tackle Ballarats ice epidemic, according to the citys leaders. alcohol rehab