Betty Ford

Betty Ford has experienced much status being the originator of The Betty Ford Clinic, a recovery facility focused on furnishing treatment for all those experiencing alcohol along with addiction. In addition to the following accomplishment, she also served as First Lady of the United States from 1974 until 1977. Nonetheless, her facility would not be launched until 1982, right after she would overcome her very own being addicted to prescriptions drugs in addition to alcohol consumption.

Mrs. Ford’s addiction started off with prescribed medicines for a valid medical problem, a pinched nerve. It would not be a long time before she started to be reliant on the medicine along with alcohol consumption. It was 1978 before her relatives would intervene. In her own publication, she talks about numerous elements of her individual addiction history, including how the prescription medication and alcohol consumption had made her feel. Though Mrs. Ford has perished, her legacy will certainly continue to continue to exist through The Betty Ford Clinic.

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