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Medical Detox vs. Social Model

The first step up the method is cleansing, In regards to receiving treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Detox (cleansing) is the procedure through which the body is purified of all the addictive substances in the body that have fused to the neurochemistry and… Continue reading

12 Step Recovery Process

12 step recovery programs have proven to be very successful for individuals around the world that are fighting complicated addictions. They mostly think of programs for alcoholism like Alcoholics Anonymous, when people think of 12 step recovery programs. But, 12-step recovery programs have proven to… Continue reading

Family Therapy in Therapy

When many people think of those struggling with liquor and drug addictions, they only think of how those addictions are adversely affecting the lovers themselves. Lovers make poor decisions and problems that cause pain and chaos in their lives. Rarely do people consider in the… Continue reading

Finding New Friends in Recovery

Restoration is the time that comes after entering therapy for a drug or alcohol addiction. It’s the start of an entirely new life-style. It’s suggested they make many changes in their lifestyle when a person enters in to recovery. One of the most significant changes… Continue reading

What does it mean to ‘bottom out’?

In relation to drugs or alcohol, you might have heard an expression containing the phrase ‘base out.’ For example, you might heard someone talk about an alcoholic brother saying, ‘If he keeps drinking the way he is drinking he is likely to bottom out, then… Continue reading

What’s the Primary Communication of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous, the first 12-step program, is made in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Physician Bob Smith. Since the first Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) group, this system has expanded and reached out all around the world. Lots of people are finding success in beating alcoholism through… Continue reading

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