Amy Winehouse Rehab

Even though Amy Winehouse made a significant debut with favorite ballads which include “Rehab,” it is not the only thing the British singer has caught the media’s interest with. She, just like a great many other folks, had trouble with an dependence on alcohol consumption and drug use. Living the lifestyle of partying made her lose control of everything, compelling her to enter into rehab. The sad thing is, Winehouse left shortly after getting into the program without completing it.

Her gaunt physical appearance, which had been linked to the substance abuse, led many supporters and industry professionals to be quite anxious for her. Despite the fact that she had gained some of the weight back and appeared somewhat healthier, she had not introduced any hits, and it seemed that she’d simply disappeared from the music stage. While her followers anxiously looked forward to a recovery, she eventually lost her struggle with addiction and sadly, she was discovered dead in her own London residence on July 23, 2011.

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