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Basketball Pro Shares His Inspiring Story of Breaking Free From Heroin Addiction

More info… Passages Malibu Applauds NBA star Chris Herren, who turned his negative experiences with drugs into public speaking opportunities to connect with young people around the US. (PRWeb April 22, 2013) Read the full story at drug rehab

Jesse James’ daughter Chandler in drug scandal

More info…Jesse James’s teenage daughter Chandler was recently spotted at a party smoking what appears to be crystal meth off of meth rehab

Church of Scientology of Pretoria Releases New Drug Prevention Brochure

More info… Introducing the Truth About Drugs to government, community, and religious leaders in South Africas capital (PRWeb May 31, 2013) Read the full story at drug rehab

Diet soda erodes teeth as much as meth, crack: Case study

More info…Drinking diet soda for years takes a toll on the teeth that’s comparable to years of smoking crystal meth or crack cocaine, according to a new case report from a dentistry journal. alcohol rehab

Growing crystal meth use blurs drug-hungry Afghanistan’s future

More info…By Amie Ferris-Rotman KABUL (Reuters) – Impoverished Afghanistan, already plagued by insurgency and struggling to contain crippling rates of opium addiction, faces another potential headache with spiraling usage of the synthetic drug crystal methamphetamine. The growing use of the drug, known as crystal meth… Continue reading

Sex Addiction Appears to be Increasing, But Condition is Treatable

More info… San Francisco psychotherapist Michael Halyard, MFT explains how sex addiction appears to increasing due to technology. Halyard explains the different types of sex addiction, the sex addiction cycle, possible causes, and the treatment that is currently available. Halyard is a licensed Marriage and… Continue reading

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