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Journey Healing Centers Opposes Medical Marijuana Proposition

More info… Journey Healing Centers ( ( raises concern over the long-term health risks of legalizing marijuana, and opposes the Medical Marijuana Proposition on the Arizona November 2010 ballot (approved for the ballot by the Arizona Secretary of State on June 1, 2010). "The sad… Continue reading

Cocaine Abuse and Alcoholism

I have experienced a variety of truly devestating problems throughout my life time. I’ve never developed any illnesses such as cancer or anything such as that, and yet I had diseases. What were my diseases? Cocaine abuse and also alcoholism. These were self-inflicted problems of… Continue reading

Is Your Teenager Using Prescription Drugs Behind Your Back? TestCountry Drug Test Panel Numbers Tally with NIDA Fact Sheet Reports on Prescription Drug A

More info… If sales of drug test panels are an indicator, then it could mean that prescription drug abuse among teenagers is on the rise., a leading online distributor of drug testing kits, has recently announced an increase in their sales of drug test… Continue reading

Meet a Scientologist: Fashion Designer Fights Drug Abuse in Florida and Mexico

More info… Women don’t have to be human skeletons to make it to the runway. (PRWeb October 08, 2010) Read the full story at alcohol rehab

Scientology “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” Campaign Adds K’no’wledge to War on Street Drugs and Violence

More info… Anti-Drug Campaign Focuses on Education, Unites Scientologists and Non-Scientologists in Anti-Drug Effort (PRWeb November 02, 2006) Read the full story at meth treatment center

Relapse Behavior in Sobriety

Thousands of men and women within our United States proceed into rehab available for illegal substance and alcohol addictions, receive treatment, and then graduate their particular rehabilitation treatment to move on and consequently lead routine and wholesome lives. Luckily, there are many therapy possibilities at… Continue reading

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