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Australia finds $30 million in drugs in Afghan raisin shipment

More info…Australian police and customs authorities have seized drugs worth more than $30 million hidden in boxes of raisins from Afghanistan, according to news reports. read more meth treatment center

Alcoholism and Genetics

Alcoholism may be a issue when a person is no longer able to manage his particular urges to ingest spirits and wine each day. For the alcoholic there is also a sturdy wish to ingest nearly as much as he can to satisfy this dependancy… Continue reading

Drug Addiction – Meth Has Plagued America for More Than a Decade

More info… The short term risks are significant and include death, repercussions of regular use are physically devastating and mentally anguishing. Meth addiction results in tremendous personal torment. Desperate meth users whove been deprived of their fix have been observed picking and eating scabs off… Continue reading

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is mostly a process addiction. Mainly because virtually no substances tend to be introduced to your body, there is no substance that really needs cleansing. As an alternative, a gambling addiction can overtake a person’s life in different ways than substance abuse. My… Continue reading

PROMETAT no more effective than placebo in reducing methamphetamine use

More info…A recent study has found that PROMETAT, a popular but controversial treatment for methamphetamine addiction, is no more effective than placebo in reducing methamphetamine use, keeping users in treatment, or reducing cravings for methamphetamine. drug rehab

Low Self Esteem

Many individuals suffer the pain of low self esteem. It’s the reason why so many people are vulnerable with regards to their physiques, their appearance in addition to their likely successes. Low self esteem can be due to a number of facets of a person’s… Continue reading

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