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Ecstasy Haul and New Group to Fight It

More info… Drug Free Ambassadors Australia Incorporated formed in December from the campaign of the same name run by the Church of Scientology for almost 12 years. (PRWeb December 31, 2006) Read the full story at alcohol rehab

Chris Raymer to Speak at Texas Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center Saturday, October 11

More info… National La Hacienda Treatment Center spokesperson Chris Raymer will host a workshop on sponsorship and working the 12 steps at Mark Houston Recovery Center on Saturday, October 11th, 2008 from 10:00 a.m. -12:00 noon. (PRWeb October 04, 2008) Read the full story at… Continue reading

Methamphetamine Addiction Research and Drug Treatment Resources Offered through

More info… Methamphetamine addiction is becoming more prevalent than ever before. This article explores the latest methamphetamine research and topics that have been published by some of the top journals and government organizations, available through (PRWeb June 28, 2006) Read the full story at… Continue reading

The gene For Drug Addiction and Rehab Help

Peer pressure and media images that say drugs are cool makes people to start using drugs. After the start of drug use, they become physically addicted that they continue their drug use. Right? Even though societal messages and the addictive properties of drugs no doubt… Continue reading

Drug Addiction – Meth Has Plagued America for More Than a Decade

More info… The short term risks are significant and include death, repercussions of regular use are physically devastating and mentally anguishing. Meth addiction results in tremendous personal torment. Desperate meth users whove been deprived of their fix have been observed picking and eating scabs off… Continue reading

60 Day Rehab

For most addicts, facilities have an option for a 60 day rehab program. While someone might think this is a brief time for recovery, the treatment program involved is fully organized. Because the addict should stay at the treatment center until therapy is complete, the… Continue reading

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