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New American Chemical Society podcast: Toward a vaccine for methamphetamine abuse

More info…( American Chemical Society ) Scientists are reporting development of three promising formulations that could be used in a vaccine to treat methamphetamine addiction — one of the most serious drug abuse problems in the United States. That’s the topic of the latest episode… Continue reading

Addiction Support Group Sees Alarming Rise in Children Requiring Rehab Places

More info… In the past 10 months, operator Panacea UK received more than 100 calls about under-16s with addiction issues up from just two in 2008 and helped place a total of eight 12 to 14-year-olds in treatment centres, including one 13-year-old. The organisation… Continue reading

Advice for an Addict

Those people who are addicted to substances or activities which are harmful for their well being need assistance whether or not they want to be honest or not. Most people who find themselves hooked on unsafe substances or activities only affiliate themselves with people who… Continue reading

Feds fail to use effective drug treatment plans in prison

More info…Despite 20 years of scientific evidence showing that drug treatment programs work, the feds fail to offer enough of them to prisoners, according to a new study. Currently 7.1 million adults–over 2 percent of the population–in the U.S. are locked up or on probation;… Continue reading

Journey Healing Centers Opposes Medical Marijuana Proposition

More info… Journey Healing Centers ( ( raises concern over the long-term health risks of legalizing marijuana, and opposes the Medical Marijuana Proposition on the Arizona November 2010 ballot (approved for the ballot by the Arizona Secretary of State on June 1, 2010). "The sad… Continue reading

ED stands for eating disorder

E.D. is not only an acronym regarding erectile dysfunction or maybe emotional disorders. E.D. might also symbolize eating disorders. Eating disorders certainly are a very common problem and not simply limited to teenagers or women. Everyone can suffer from E.D., also, the disorder happens to… Continue reading

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