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Free Site Offers Real Help for Friends and Loved Ones Hooked on Drugs

More info… It is understandable why many friends and loved ones lose hope in finding a successful drug rehab after several years of failure. AHS, however, takes a different view. Helping families on a weekly basis shows there is always hope – provided it isnt… Continue reading

‘The Shadow Man,’ Karin Coddon’s Harrowing Novel of Supernatural Terror, Addiction and Family Dysfunction, Now Available for Purchase at

More info… Horses and Horse People. Hauntings & Secrets. They dominate and intimidate every waking second in Del Mar’s horse country–just as Maggie attempts a last-chance life makeover. It’s only daylight she sees: fledgling freedom from her drug-addicted ex-husband, and pure empowerment to discover new… Continue reading

Drug Addiction – Meth Has Plagued America for More Than a Decade

More info… The short term risks are significant and include death, repercussions of regular use are physically devastating and mentally anguishing. Meth addiction results in tremendous personal torment. Desperate meth users whove been deprived of their fix have been observed picking and eating scabs off… Continue reading

Sex Addiction Appears to be Increasing, But Condition is Treatable

More info… San Francisco psychotherapist Michael Halyard, MFT explains how sex addiction appears to increasing due to technology. Halyard explains the different types of sex addiction, the sex addiction cycle, possible causes, and the treatment that is currently available. Halyard is a licensed Marriage and… Continue reading

The Changing Face of Methamphetamine Abuse

More info… Legislative and law enforcement efforts have cut the production of local meth labs but overall use has yet to decline due to availability of different varieties of the drug. Read the full story at meth rehab center

Meth Crawls the Landscape of America

More info… Survey shows overall methamphetamine treatment admissions have increased five times over the last decade and law makers are seeking to pass prohibitive legislation on common meth ingredient. Read the full story at meth rehab

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