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Baldwin Sheriff Tackles Meth Problem

More info…BAY MINETTE, Alabama – Baldwin County Sheriff Hoss Mack says there is a local, crystal meth problem…but says thanks to tips from the community, his deputies are making a dent in the meth war. Is there a crystal meth problem in Baldwin County? We… Continue reading

Ex-gangster girl beats the streets

More info…Cheyenne Workman was a homeless 14-year-old who dreamed of seeing the world. alcohol rehab

Downey Jr. combats negativity with ‘crystal’ healing

More info…Robert Downey Jr. employs a “crystal man” to repel negative forces around him. meth rehab

Dentist Helps Woman Addicted to Comet

More info…A local woman is featured on a television show that exposes people who battle strange obsessions. She admits she is addicted to eating Comet cleanser. Her addiction destroyed her teeth. A Royal Oak dentist offered to treat the woman and help restore her confidence.… Continue reading

Recovery Now TV Acquires Franks House GLBT Addiction & Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

More info…Effective immediately, Recovery Now TV and its non-profit affiliate will take over the management and operations of Franks House Treatment Facility, which offers residential addiction recovery treatment for members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community. drug rehab

Off the streets and ready to see the world

More info…Nine years ago, Cheyenne Workman was a homeless 14-year-old with a seemingly impossible dream of seeing the world. Last week, she sat alone in a doctor’s office after receiving the last of her vaccinations for a 10-day trip to Peru…. meth rehab

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