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John Stossel: War on drugs worse than drugs

More info…Alcohol prohibition didn’t work. Now drug prohibition funds nasty Mexican gangs and the Taliban. Is it worth it? I don’t think so. meth treatment center

Support Groups

More info…LDS 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program meth treatment center

Crystal Meth Intervention | Meth Addiction

More info…Crystal Meth Interventions with a 96% Success Rate. Crystal Meth Addiction Intervention and Abuse Intervention Help Call Us At 1-866-276-5430. drug rehab

From homeless to hopeful

More info…Oscar Flores gets a kiss from his granddaughter, Emma, 4, outside his Morgan Hill apartment recently. St. Joseph’s Family Center set him up with the home in April 2009. Photo by: Lora Schraft Linda Bird moved to Gilroy 25 years ago and has been… Continue reading

Crystal Meth Addiction

More info…Addiction to Crystal Meth and other drugs is a huge problem in our society. This site provides information about a little known treatment that can be used for addiction to drugs and alcohol. meth rehab

Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man: a Memoir by Bill Clegg

More info…A memoir of addiction to crack cocaine by the literary agent Bill Clegg. meth rehab center

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