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Spencer Pratt Addicted To Crystal Meth!

More info…click for full story and pics…. meth treatment center

New recipe for crack cocaine skirts the law, for now

More info…Crystal meth is a highly addictive drug, but some enterprising folks have come up with a recipe that some folks fear is sliding by laws against the drug. drug rehab

A Short History of Crystal Meth | Vistabay

More info…Crystal meth has come a long way since the 80’s. Vistabay looks into the evolution of the drug, damages of prolonged use and solutions for overcoming meth addiction. Vista Bay Rehab is dedicated to getting people off drugs and resotring lives! alcohol rehab

Snails on speed shed light on human memory

More info…Pond snails dosed on crystal meth are offering new insights into the “pathological memories” of addiction meth rehab center

Addiction at heart of jail overcrowding

More info…LANCASTER — Jail officials have their fingers pointed at the county’s opiate problem as the number of imprisoned people in Fairfield County continues to increase. meth treatment center

Today’s Health with Dr. T. Glenn Pait: Meth Addiction

More info…Problems with the drug methamphetamine have been growing in Arkansas over recent years. From 1998, to 2002 the number of amphetamine related treatment admissions to facilities jumped 80 percent. meth rehab

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